7 Essential Artists of Electronic Music: A Tribute to Authenticity and Innovation

There are countless music producers or electronic musicians around the world, more so after the explosion of online tools and software for music production, there was a time when “anyone can make music” was a common thought.

Trentemøller Dengråhal Flemmingbojense

This accessibility and democratization of the art of electronic production also produced the search for authenticity. In this article, tribute is paid to 5 artists who have inspired countless producers and who represent the essence of innovation and originality within the genre.

Venetian Snares

Master of breakcore and syncopated progressive rhythm, Venetian Snares, especially in his album “Rossz Csillag Alatt Szulett”, masterfully fuses academic music with electronic music, creating a cinematic and dramatic sound of great dynamism.

His work borrows the virtues of orchestral music and embeds them in electronic music, which for many has a repetitive, intense and somewhat flat quality.


A paradigmatic example of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement, Grimes, a Canadian artist, has achieved fame with his live electronics, characterized by an inclination towards pop. Her meticulous balance of musical elements, along with her attachment to groove and pursuit of hedonistic pleasure in uplifting music, make her an artist who excels at reinventing the term and genre of pop.

She takes away from pop its banal and calculated quality by giving it a 360 degree turn in which the art, the music, the concept, the image are made by the same artist without filters or adaptations.


Avant-garde of synthesis and sound design, Arca dares to fuse two seemingly opposite genres: industrial electronics or musique concrete and reggaeton. Her proposal, conceptual, rich in textures, with a transgressive and somewhat melancholic air, her honesty and transparency makes her a pioneer who challenges expectations and redefines the sonic limits of electronic music. In addition to being an LGBTIQ+ icon, she is a music and art idol in Venezuela.

Marie Davidson

Master of minimalism, practicality and abstraction, Marie Davidson invites us on a sound journey through her risky live sets. Armed with sequencers, synthesizers and a microphone,

Davidson creates naked, visceral music in the moment, its rawness and audacity defying the expectations of a conventional show. She explores a range of styles, including club music, ambient, techno, pop, rock, chanson and spoken word poetry. “Her work is introspective, sometimes described as dark and heavy, but at the same time humorous.”

Caterina Barbieri

Pioneer of ambient and cosmic music, Caterina Barbieri studied electroacoustic composition and higher studies with thesis on Hindustani ethnomusicology and minimalism.

She transports to ethereal sonic dimensions with her modular compositions and enveloping textures. Her work, imbued with spirituality and mysticism, explores the limits of auditory perception and invites an introspective journey through dreamlike sound spaces.


Masters of neurofunk and drum and bass, Noisia invite us to a whirlwind of frenetic rhythms and contagious melodies. His music, characterized by its technical precision and overwhelming energy, has conquered thousands of fans around the world. Noisia are not only virtuoso of musical production, but they are also recognized for their live shows, where they fuse cutting-edge technology with electrifying staging.


Maestro del techno melódico y atmosférico, Trentemøller nos envuelve en paisajes sonoros profundos y emotivos. Su música, caracterizada por su uso de sintetizadores analógicos, guitarras melancólicas y voces etéreas, evoca sentimientos de nostalgia, introspección y trascendencia.

Trentemøller no solo es un compositor excepcional, sino también un DJ reconocido por sus sets en vivo, donde crea una atmósfera única e hipnotizante.

Aphex Twin

If we talk about electronic music, I think that for many it begins with this genius of experimental electronics and the techno environment, Aphex Twin has revolutionized the IDM movement and challenged the boundaries of the genre with his special avant-garde style.

His work, full of dark atmospheres, complex rhythms and distorted sounds, has been classified as “ambient music for sick minds.” Aphex Twin is an unclassifiable artist, always constantly evolving and searching for new sonic paths.

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