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Andrea Ludovic

Producer Engineer Educator

¨I am passionate about digital synthesis. I create dramatic sound design and cinematographic deep music. I also have my own musical project.”

Andrea Ludovic Music Producer & Engineer 2

I am passionate about digital synthesis and experienced music educator. I create dramatic sound design and cinematographic deep music, and I also have my own musical project merging landscape, fast progressive rhythms and orchestral like arrays. I have been a sound artist for more than 7 years in electronic music production, truly interested in developing my engineering career in the field of music technology.


Composition and music production for audiovisual media: Creation of original music for short films, films, advertising, television and internet content, and video games. From the composition of the songs to the production of the music including mixing for the medium in which it will be used. Deliveries in formats . wav, . HD flac.

Sound design for audiovisual media: creation of environments and effects for shorts or feature films, web content and video games.

Commissions for artistic media: creation of audio material (music or sound art) for specific artistic works.

Online or face-to-face classes on sound synthesis (sound design and creation) with software tools, specifically virtual instruments.

Education in Musical production and digital synthesis.Online or face-to-face classes of beginner and advanced levels on music production especially in the Ableton Live and Renoise programs.

Andrea Ludovic With Orchestra
Professional Skills

Protools – Ableton Live – Renoise – Premiere – c/c++/Python

Music Production

Composition – Sound design – Education

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