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andrea ludovic music producer & engineer

Andrea Ludovic

Electronic Engineer from the Simon Bolivar University, Diploma Electronic Music Metropolitana University and Composer from the Simon Bolívar Conservatory.

Studies in 5.1 Audio Systems, Audio Mastering, Music Production, Sound design and Post-production (360 Studios Venezuela). Soundtrack design course (British Council),.

Music composition, production, and edition, sound recording and mixing. Protools, Ableton Live, Renoise, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop. Programming in C, C++ and Python…

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Professional Experience


Most recent productions

Ludovica 10
La Siren La Ziren




Ludovica 9
Ludovica 7




Ludovica 6
Ludovica 5



Most relevant projects

Ludovica 8

Documentary, 2021.


Music and sound design for audiovisual art piece, 2022.

Ludovica 4
Ludovica 3
Mutek Montreal

Live set and presentation, 2018.

The Wrong Biennale

Digital Art exhibition. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2019.

Ludovica 2
Ludovica 1
Amplify D.A.I.

International Artistic Collaboration, 2020.

Artistic Collaborations & Commissions

Productions, collaborations and granted sponsorships for music festivals and special events.


Most relevant performance

Andrea Ludovic Mutek Montreal 2018

AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative is a joint initiative of the British Council in partnership with MUTEK Montréal.

Women of 9 nationalities, on 3 continents, to build an active network of creators working in the electronic music, digital arts, sound and immersive storytelling sectors in Canada,


Special Events

MUTEK Festival Montreal
La Siren La Ziren Audiovisual Project
“Las 100 protagonistas” – Dutch Embassy

Andrea Ludovic Full BIO

Andrea Ludovic is an electronic engineer, music producer and sound artist from Caracas Venezuela.
In the field of electronic music as a soloist since 2007, he has produced 4 albums, several live electronic music shows, has participated in the electronic music and digital creativity festival “MUTEK” (2018) in Montreal, Canada, and is often involved in projects international collaboration such as the British Council’s “Amplify” program (2020), which promotes women in arts and technology. She participated in the CSS-Berlin Connection collaboration project alongside artists in Caracas and Berlin. She produced the electronic concert “RAW” in alliance with the Festival Nuevas Bandas (2019) in Caracas, Venezuela.

Since 2020 until today, it has been part of the Pepsi Music Awards academy, celebrating every year a tribute to women within the framework of the “100 Protagonistas” event alongside the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Symphony Orchestra, the Impact organization Hub and under the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

She is currently developing her most important project: La Siren La Ziren where she experiences an unmatched artistic synergy, a musical and performative project founded in 2019 together with Janis Denis (singer, lyricist), in which “the artists fuse electronics, lyrical singing and rock among other more specific genres. In 2023 they published their first self-titled album “La Siren La Ziren”, composed of 7 original songs that correspond to a conceptual work on technology, wild nature and the symbolic. The album’s repertoire has been presented in various art halls and theaters in the city of Caracas and has been listed as one of the best Venezuelan musical productions of 2023 (LaDosis Magazine, Cúsica). The live performance of La Siren La Ziren is broad enough to encompass the young and adult audience at the same time.”- J.Denis

In the commercial field he has worked with companies such as Nestlé and Reactable Systems, and on several Venezuelan short films yet to be published.
Andrea also participates in social initiatives in the educational field such as the Kreatek project sponsored by the French embassy and created by the Aequalis Foundation in Caracas Venezuela. An online education project that expands job opportunities for young musicians in the country through education in technological areas around music.

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